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Practical procedures

How to insert and remove an IUD

Terri Foran
Removal of an IUD is a very simple procedure and can be performed by any doctor who has the facilities to perform a speculum examination. Insertion of an IUD is a little more complicated but readily within the skills of most primary care physicians.
Key Points

    Although the first modern intrauterine device (IUD), the Grafenberg Ring, was trialled in 1909, the concept of intrauterine contraception is an ancient one. Arab camel traders reportedly introduced stones into their female camel’s uterus to prevent pregnancy during long journeys.

    IUDs are presently used by 4.5% of Australian women and remain a very effective and valuable choice provided the patient has been well selected (see the box on this page) and counselled adequately regarding the pros and cons of this method.

    IUD removal and insertion in Australia do not generally require the practitioner to hold procedural insurance; however, it would be advisable to check this with one’s insurer.

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