Peer Reviewed
Case studies in diabetes care

ABCss: s is for salicylates

Pat Phillips, Jody Braddon
This article focusing on the ABCss of diabetic care discusses the use of cardiovascular protective doses of aspirin in a 60-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes.
Key Points
    Case scenario
    ‘I never thought this would happen – I’ve turned 60!’

    Sally has had type 2 diabetes for 12 years. Several family members have or have had the condition, including her mother (who died suddenly at age 58 years), a sister and two of her three daughters.

    Sally has never mentioned her personal risk and has not been very conscientious about her health care. Over the years there have been many missed and cancelled appointments and gaps in prescription medication. Not surprisingly, some of her ABCss are off target, namely her glycosylated haemoglobin (A1c) and blood pressure.

    On the other hand, she has always been concerned about her cholesterol and has conscientiously taken her statin (atorvastatin [Lipitor] 20 mg per day). Her total and LDL cholesterol levels have been on target over the last few years.

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