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Bone and mineral metabolism disorders

Vitamin D: navigating what’s new

Rebecca S Mason, Christian Girgis

This article discusses the latest controversies in vitamin D, weighing up long-established data on vitamin D’s positive effects with recent emerging evidence on its role in everyday clinical practice.

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Familial hypercholesterolaemia: improving the health of individuals and families

Karen Birkenhead, Mitchell Sarkies, Samantha Sundercombe, Claire Trumble, Sanjyot Vagholkar, David R. Sullivan

Familial hypercholesterolaemia is a common genetic disorder that leads to premature cardiovascular disease. Screening and cascade family testing in general practice can facilitate early diagnosis and treatment to improve outcomes for those affected.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Women's health

Abnormal menstrual bleeding in young women: when to investigate

Mikhaila K. Lazanyi, Sonia R. Grover

Irregular menstrual cycles and bleeding among adolescent girls is developmentally normal. The approach to assessment and management is different to that of older women and requires an understanding of normal physiological processes in this younger cohort to avoid unnecessary investigations and anxiety.

Cosmetic dermatology

Nonsurgical body contouring with energy devices

Deshan Frank Sebaratnam, Anita Patel, Adrian Lim

Body contouring energy devices are popular with patients and consumers in medical and nonmedical settings. This article discusses the key body contouring technologies, including how they work, the main indications for their use and their potential adverse effects.

Dermatology clinic

A woman with red papules on the eyelids

Laxmi Iyengar, Alvin H. Chong

A 37-year-old woman presents with a six-month history of small red papules on her lower eyelids. What is the diagnosis?

Innocence revisited

Bed 12

Johanna Skinner

A GP reflects on the lessons she learnt when a hospital bed turned into a person, doing their best to live well with a life-changing diagnosis.

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