Travel medicine update

An update on travel vaccinations




Many travellers visiting low-income countries or travelling in groups or on cruise ships will experience a travel-related ailment, so a personalised pretravel health consultation is essential to assess the risks for an individual traveller and to offer appropriate advice and vaccinations. In some instances, vaccinations will be required for crossing international borders.

Article Extract

As travellers are able to cross borders and visit all points of the globe, they can be exposed to various hazards. It has been estimated that up to half of all travellers visiting low-income countries for one month will experience some travel-related ailment.1 Recently updated estimated monthly incidence rates of vaccine-preventable diseases in nonimmune travellers show that influenza is now the most common of these diseases, affecting 1% of travellers per month (Table 1).2 This highlights the importance of discussing the potential benefits of influenza vaccination with patients who are intending to travel, especially those travelling in groups or on cruise ships.