Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Respiratory medicine

Stress-induced asthma – key insights for prevention and management

Sarah A. Hiles, Vanessa L. Clark, Peter G. Gibson, Vanessa M. McDonald

Stress is often reported as a trigger for asthma symptoms. Understanding which stressors trigger a patient’s asthma can help practitioners and patients optimise management and prevent stress-induced asthma attacks.

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Coeliac disease – optimising long-term management

Daniel Saitta, Jason A. Tye-din

Coeliac disease is a common condition that can be easily overlooked. An accurate and expeditious diagnosis can facilitate appropriate treatment to improve quality of life and reduce morbidity for patients.

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Intertriginous skin disorders: what’s lurking where?

Lois Zhang, Thomas Stewart, David Cook, John Frew

Intertriginous skin disorders may be difficult to recognise because friction and maceration can alter their characteristic appearance. With a structured approach, most cases can be successfully diagnosed and managed in the primary care setting.

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Women's health

A National Cervical Screening Program update: a guide to self-collection

Deborah Bateson, Lara Roeske

A key 2022 update to the National Cervical Screening Program was the implementation of a policy to support the choice of either a self-collected vaginal sample or clinician-collection cervical sample for all patients eligible for cervical cancer screening.

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ENT clinic

Rhinoplasty: an illustrated overview

Sim Choroomi, Richard Fox

Rhinoplasty can address patient concerns about the nose, both cosmetic and functional, including nasal obstruction and fracture.

Infectious diseases clinic

Monkeypox – what GPs need to know

Victoria Grey, Mark Armstrong, Markian Platon Choptiany, Lauren Phillips, Paul Griffin

Monkeypox has been identified for the first time in Australia in 2022, with case numbers rising globally. GPs should be aware of the typical presentation of monkeypox, those who are at high risk of contracting the virus and who may benefit from vaccination, as well as management options for infected patients.