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Rehabilitation medicine

Ambulatory rehabilitation: a model of care for the community

Stephanie Lam, Steven G. Faux

Rehabilitative care for people with acute, chronic or permanent disability should be tailored to the patient’s specific condition and personal and environmental factors to help achieve the best outcome. Ambulatory (in-community) rehabilitation services are available for the primary care physician to access or to refer patients for multidisciplinary rehabilitative care.

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Psoriasis – presentation, types and management

Benjamin S. Daniel

Psoriasis is a complex condition that involves genetic, immune and environmental factors, and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. As such, optimal management involves correct early diagnosis and consideration of common comorbidities, including psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and cardiovascular, respiratory and mental health issues.

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Haemochromatosis – a clinician’s guide

James J. Chen, John K. Olynyk

With a test for the most common genetic cause of haemochromatosis now readily available and improved understanding of the condition, who should you screen? And how should you evaluate individuals with suggestive features?

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Gastroenterology clinic

Constipation in older people – an update

Calvin Joomann Park, Allison Malcolm

Most older people with constipation can be managed in general practice with simple lifestyle adjustments, including dietary changes and improving hydration, and treatment with various laxatives.

Therapeutics clinic

SGLT-2 inhibitors: the gift that keeps on giving

Dimity L. Williams, Serena Rafail, John J. Atherton

Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors should be considered in the early management of patients who have chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease, with or without diabetes.

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