Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Advanced Parkinson’s disease: a clinical challenge

Robert J. Adam

Advanced Parkinson’s disease involves significant motor and nonmotor symptoms that often have conflicting treatment requirements. Management requires a multifaceted and individualised approach, which may include lifestyle, pharmacological and neurosurgical interventions. Input from a multidisciplinary team provides the gold standard for assessment and subsequent optimal management of the condition.

Cardiovascular medicine

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – an exclusive diagnosis

David J. Holland, Penni L. Blazak, John J. Atherton, Sandhir Prasad

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction presents with nonspecific symptoms such as exertional dyspnoea and fatigue, and is challenging to diagnose. GPs can help facilitate early diagnosis and exclude alternative causes for symptoms.

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Gastroenterology clinic

Iron infusions in general practice

Sarah Lucas, Mayur Garg

Intravenous iron infusions are a safe alternative to oral iron replacement in selected patients with iron deficiency anaemia or symptoms.

Paediatrics clinic

Rare diseases – new approaches to diagnosis and care

Elizabeth Emma Palmer, Nicole Millis, Michelle Farrar, Yvonne Zurynski, Gareth Baynam, Adam Jaffe

People living with a rare disease face common challenges, including diagnostic delay, a lack of clinical knowledge and treatment and fragmented care. New resources and toolkits are available to help GPs provide improved care for patients with a rare disease and their families.

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