Peer Reviewed Feature Articles

Inflammatory bowel disease: causes, symptoms and treatment

George Tambakis, Emily Wright

The management of inflammatory bowel disease is increasingly complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Early referral of the patient to a gastroenterologist for assessment and management is important as many effective treatment options are available.

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Cardiovascular medicine

Renal artery stenosis and hypertension: when to screen and how to treat

Alexandra Gallagher, George Mangos

The cornerstone of management of renal arterial stenosis (RAS) is intensive medical therapy to reduce modifiable cardiovascular risk factors. Careful assessment of patients with hypertension is needed to determine who should be screened for RAS.

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Evaluation and management of nail diseases

Alexis Arasu, Johannes S. Kern, Anne Howard

Recognising the red-flag features of various nail presentations can ensure that patient referrals to a dermatologist are prompt and that diagnosis and treatment are not delayed.

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Psychological medicine

Borderline personality disorder: not what it used to be

Andrew M. Chanen, Katie Nicol

Personality disorder is common in primary care. Psychotherapy, practical support and attention to co-occurring mental and physical health conditions can improve the lives of people with personality disorder.

Dermatology clinic

Varicose veins – more than a cosmetic concern

Mark Elvy, David Jenkins, Adrian Lim

Varicose veins are largely considered a cosmetic concern; however, they can cause serious clinical morbidity. Minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatments offer improved quality of life.

Therapeutics clinic

Pharmacotherapy for the management of obesity

Joseph Proietto

Medical therapy for the management of obesity should be initiated early and continued long term. This article touches on the aetiology of obesity and discusses the current options for pharmacotherapy in its management.

Innocence revisited

Beyond the call of duty

Johanna Skinner

Despite finding it difficult to ask for help or express her feelings, an elderly patient shows how she values her doctor’s kindness.

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