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Infectious diseases

Seasonal vaccinations: bracing for winter

Mark R. Armstrong, Luke Spence, Paul M. Griffin

Seasonal vaccinations have expanded from just influenza to now also include consideration of ongoing vaccination against COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus. This update provides an overview of these vaccinations as we head into winter.

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Mild cognitive impairment and dementia: detection and diagnosis

Mark Yates, Stephanie Daly, Marita Long, Constance Dimity Pond, Henry Brodaty, Caroline Gibson, Lee-Fay Low

Dementia is an umbrella term for neurodegenerative diseases resulting in cognitive decline and functional difficulties. GPs and practice nurses have an important role in the detection and assessment of cognitive impairment, and GPs in the diagnosis of dementia.

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A diagnostic approach to arthritis

Benjamin Sutu, Sabina Ciciriello

Although arthritis has many forms, the pattern of joint involvement can help determine the cause of symptoms. Findings suggestive of inflammatory arthritis or red flags for septic arthritis should prompt early escalation of care. Early and effective treatment enables best clinical outcomes for patients, including improved quality of life and overall health.

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Peer Reviewed Regular Series
Gastroenterology clinic

Hiatus hernia: when to treat

Savannah Morrison, Peter Lim

Hiatus hernias are an increasingly common condition. Choice of treatment depends on the type of hernia and the presence or absence of symptoms.

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